General Installation Instructions

A plugin can appear as a folder or a zipped file. To install a plugin, simply copy the plugin to the plugins folder of GOAL. For Mac users, the plugins folder is located in

Users' Contributions

Fribourg Construction

  • Description: This plugin provides a complementation construction “Fribourg Construction” for nondeterministic Büchi automata.
  • Contributor: Daniel Weibel (Department of Computer Science, University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • Installation:
    1. unzip
    2. cd ch.unifr.goal.complement
    3. zip a -r classes plugin.xml
    4. cp WHERE_IS_GOAL/plugins


Hello World

This plugin inserts

  • a menu and a menu item to the top menubar of the graphical interface, and
  • a command “hello” to the command-line interface.

Binary Sources

Hello Complement

This plugin implements a buggy complementation algorithm and makes it accessible in the graphical interface and in the command-line interface.

Binary Sources

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