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 ====== Next Release ====== ====== Next Release ======
 +  * Run with JDK 11. Older versions of Java are no longer supported. Some Mac trackpad gestures become not working.
   * Add a conversion from NBW to SDBW.   * Add a conversion from NBW to SDBW.
 +  * Improve the search of automata conversions.
 +  * Support editing Hanoi acceptance condition.
 +  * Paste states with offsets to prevent overlapping.
 +  * Add arguments to output counterexamples for the emptiness command.
 +  * Fix a bug in PLTL2BA which generates unnecessary transitions to the sink.
 +  * Fix a bug in random generation of automata with acceptance on transitions.
 +  * Fix a bug in invoking classic complementation in command-line mode.
 ====== 2015-10-18 ====== ====== 2015-10-18 ======
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